Anthropology Alum is Passionate About Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation

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An article was published about Thrive and myself!


Final Bartok Update

Bartok is continuing on his diet and flight training.

Unfortunately due to some family health issues I won’t be able to go to WCC for a while so this is the last update on him.

Baby bat season is June through August so Thrive’s Bat Nursery will be closed down until next season.

It was a great first season and I look forward to many more!


Stay tuned for more Thrive projects!

Bartok update! 

I was finally able to get to the WCC and check on Bartok today!

He is now a whopping 20 grams! So, per the vet, is now on a diet lol

Unfortunately the vet also heard some fluid in his lungs and so is also on antibiotics.

He’s also not doing very well with learning to fly, which –if that doesn’t change–would mean he can’t be released and might become an education animal.

In other news, I learned how to take care of the WCC’s education bats today–more about them next week 🙂

If you happen to be in the northern Ohio area on September 8th or 9th come to the WCC fundraiser Wine for Wildlife from 6-9pm: