Thrive is my not for profit animal organization  focused on rehabilitation, anthrozoology, and education. Our two main projects are the Bat Nursery (a sub-permitted wildlife rehabilitation home facility) and Calliope’s Journey (following our Great Dane through DCM). 

This blog is about my experiences with and articles about wildlife rehabilitation and conservation, anthrozoological issues, as well as general animal information.

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I’m working on getting materials together for my bat rehabilitation home facility so if you wouldn’t mind taking a look at my Wishlist so if you have any of the items you could donate I would really appreciate it!!

Thrive has joined iNaturalist and begun a bat project!



I’m Charlie–a poor, fat, differently abled, queer.
Thrive’s photojournalist/videographer is my lovely wife 🙂

The biggest difference between humans and animals is our ability to look farther forward and plan for the future.  This doesn’t make us better, but it does give us better opportunities.  We can make choices instead of just reacting.  We can be in the present and also look towards the future–that’s amazing!  We should probably use this gift more often.