Temporary Leave

Apologies for the lack of updates recently!

First was Calliope’s illness, then my mother had a double mastectomy for recurring cancer, and things have just been steamrolling–I even had to take time off from Volunteering at WCC : /

However I’m hoping things will calm down soon (granted the holiday crazy time is just around the corner) and I’ve even applied to work PT at WCC! Wish me luck!
Stick with me and more will come 🙂

Reminder: The Bat Nursery is seasonal (May through Sept.) so there won’t be any new updates there until spring.


Anthropology Alum is Passionate About Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation

via Anthropology Alum is Passionate About Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation – Ohio University | College of Arts & Sciences


An article was published about Thrive and myself!

Final Bartok Update

Bartok is continuing on his diet and flight training.

Unfortunately due to some family health issues I won’t be able to go to WCC for a while so this is the last update on him.

Baby bat season is June through August so Thrive’s Bat Nursery will be closed down until next season.

It was a great first season and I look forward to many more!


Stay tuned for more Thrive projects!