10 Animal Webcams You Can Watch Right Now

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Children Who Grow Up With Animals Are More Emotionally Intelligent And Compassionate

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What are animals thinking and feeling?

“What’s going on inside the brains of animals? Can we know what, or if, they’re thinking and feeling? Carl Safina thinks we can. Using discoveries and anecdotes that span ecology, biology and behavioral science, he weaves together stories of whales, wolves, elephants and albatrosses to argue that just as we think, feel, use tools and express emotions, so too do the other creatures – and minds – that share the Earth with us.”

What are animals thinking and feeling?

orca mother and calf


What veterinarians know that physicians don’t

“What do you call a veterinarian who can only take care of one species? A physician. In a fascinating talk, Barbara Natterson-Horowitz shares how a species-spanning approach to health can improve medical care of the human animal — particularly when it comes to mental health.”

What veterinarians know that physicians don’t



Depressed dogs, cats with OCD–what animal madness means for us humans

“Behind those funny animal videos, sometimes, are oddly human-like problems. Laurel Braitman studies non-human animals who exhibit signs of mental health issues — from compulsive bears to self-destructive rats to monkeys with unlikely friends. Braitman asks what we as humans can learn from watching animals cope with depression, sadness and other all-too-human problems.”

Depressed dogs, cats with OCD — what animal madness means for us humans

depressed dog


The birds and the bees are just the beginning

“Think you know a thing or two about sex? Think again. In this fascinating talk, biologist Carin Bondar lays out the surprising science behind how animals get it on. (This talk describes explicit and aggressive sexual content.)”

The birds and the bees are just the beginning

hyena sex


The interspecies internet? An idea in progress

“Apes, dolphins and elephants are animals with remarkable communication skills. Could the internet be expanded to include sentient species like them? A new and developing idea from a panel of four great thinkers — dolphin researcher Diana Reiss, musician Peter Gabriel, internet of things visionary Neil Gershenfeld and Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the internet.”

The interspecies internet? An idea in progress

interspecies internet

For more about this go to Interspecies-Internet.org


How humans and animals can live together

“The legendary chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall talks about TACARE and her other community projects, which help people in booming African towns live side-by-side with threatened animals.”

How humans and animals can live together

Jane Goodall