Bartok: Week 6

Bartok has continued to grow and mature and therefore has been moved to a bigger cage.

When I first put him in the larger aquarium he started refusing to eat.  So I put his cage he is comfortable in inside the larger aquarium–and it worked!
He began to eat again and this morning I even found him outside of his little cage hanging out in the aquarium 🙂

When bats mature they become more skittish and easily scared, so it is becoming even harder to get a good picture of him as he no longer tolerates being exposed well.  I have to keep him either in my hands or in a little towel cave I feed him out of.

He is still eating whole meal worms, anywhere from 20 to 30 a meal!

His fur has almost fully come in and is now a brown color close to what he should be once an adult.

My ridiculous expression is one of concentration lol



Unfortunately I don’t have a pre-flight or flight cage yet due to the expense, so this is my last week with Bartok!
This Thursday I will be taking him back to WCC so he can learn to fly then be released!


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