Bartok: Week 4

Check out my first little video on my new YouTube channel!

Bartok face

Things have been going well for baby Bartok, while he hasn’t been gaining weight or fur at the rate he should be, he is growing and has progressed from just formula to a mixture of formula and a meal worm smoothie–yum!

At first it took me a while to figure out how to feed it to him–since the mix has meal worm granules that get stuck in the catheter I normally feed him with.
In the end I just used the syringe without a tip, however I have to feed him very slowly and clean anything off his face as we go.

Bartok wings

I tried to get a picture of his wings, but he wasn’t particularly cooperative lol

As I mentioned last week I did take the Rabies Vector Species training.  It was about 6 hours and covered everything from information about the rabies virus to handling techniques for rabies vector species.
A rabies vector species are any animal–due to the nature of rabies it must be a mammal–who can be effected or carry the virus.  The major species are bats, opossums, skunks, and foxes however other less thought of species are also included such as deer, rabbits, and woodchucks.
I now have a fancy certificate from the Ohio Rehabilitators Association!


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