Bartok: Week 3

Bartok and I

Bartok has continued to thrive!
He’s still 5 grams, but has begun to develop more peach fuzz fur and his teeth are growing a bit.

One thing I’ve struggled with lately is that the heat and humidity level outside where I live has been fluctuating drastically–and when it does settle it seems to be on low humidity levels.
Infant bats require approximately 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 to 90 percent humidity.
This means that I’ve set up a small room heater and humidifier in an attempt to increase these elements outside so (hopefully) his cage can maintain better temp and humidity.  Ideally he should be in an incubator, however when I priced those they were WAY out of my price range.  So I’ve continued with my improvised home-made incubator.

Bartok close up

My biggest concern has been, and continues to be, the fact that he doesn’t have any companionship.
Bats in general, and Big Browns in particular, are social animals and it is not unusual for them to die due to isolation.
However I feel bad wishing another baby would be orphaned!

Tomorrow I’ll be attending a Rabies Vector Species training.  I assume it will basically be 8 hours of rabies protocols, but in order for me to work with any adult–or I believe juveniles–I have to have this training.
Luckily for me it is at Stark Parks, so I will be able to drop Bartok off at WCC and he will be fed until I’m done.


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