Bartok continued…

This week I was able to get the book “Standards and Medical Management for Captive Insectivorous Bats” by Amanda Lollar from Bat World Sanctuary!
To my knowledge it’s the premier resource on bat rehabilitation, and it came with a couple handouts and and Bat World’s Annual Report.


I’m extremely happy to say that Bartok is thriving!

He’s been growing, his eyes are open, and he’s even beginning to grow a little peach-fuzz like fur 🙂

Bartok feeding

This is me feeding him–he now eats about 0.25cc of formula every 3hrs, and has grown to 5 grams!

Bartok cleaning

Bats are actually very clean animals and groom themselves meticulously.  However Bartok is still an infant and needs to be cleaned using a warm, damp, cotton swab.
He hates it though and fights against me every time lol

Bartok belly

This is a picture of his belly after eating.  It’s important that he get enough food so he can continue to grow, but not so much that he becomes bloated.

By next week I hope to post a video about my rehabilitation home facility starring Bartok!


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