Day Three

This past week my ‘homework’ was to read “Standards and Medical Management for Captive Insectivorous Bats” by Amanda Lollar (from Bat World in Texas). In it I learned everything from materials needed to set up my rehabilitation home facility to how to perform a cesarean! It was not only a good book to read through but I made lists of things I need and put together a wishlist for donations and what I need to buy when I have money.

This week I received my volunteer tshirt and name tag, registered for the RVS training in July, and turned in my proof of my rabies vaccine–whew!


I asked Stephon some questions I had from my “homework” and went over the approximate sub-permittee time line.  It looks like I need to figure out how to set up my home facility this summer because I might get to bring home some baby bats under supervision in July!
So I’m stressing out about money but, let’s be honest, what wildlife rehabilitator doesn’t? : P

The temperatures are rising in Ohio so I have to be more and more careful about over heating.  Until we’re able to move into the new WCC facility (which doesn’t even start construction until the fall) it actually gets warmer inside than it is outside under the tree cover.
So I got some shorts from Torrid to wear and I’ve been using a cooling cloth I got last summer from Lowe’s on my neck to keep my core temp down (a trick I learned while I was a dishwasher). I did almost get heat sick but took a little lunch break to eat, drink, and cool down.

The two fun jobs I did while at WCC were I got to assist and watch medications being given to some bats as well as feeding, and I got to feed a crow! I love crows and ravens–they’re extremely intelligent animals.


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