Day Two

This week, in addition to what I learned last week, I learned how to take care of the fish tank and the woodchuck.

But I was especially exited that I got to talk to the bat person–a really friendly woman named Stephon–about starting the process of becoming a sub-permittee.  A sub-permittee is a Wildlife Rehabilitator who is licensed under a facility, in my case under the Wildlife Conservation Center. I have to make sure my rehabilitation area meets state and federal minimum standards but since wildlife rehabilitation is considered a “hobby” by the government the Wildlife Rehabilitators have to pay for everything out of pocket–which sucks since this is a very legitimate and locally influential conservation effort. I know the WCC gets some money since they are also an educational facility and part of a state park (Stark Parks Sippo Lake) however it still isn’t a lot, and definitely not enough to be able to pay their sub-permittees anything. However they are able to cover vet visits and medicine if it’s needed which is a huge help!

I plan on learning how to rehabilitate bats first (I’m a huge bat lover 🙂 ) so I was super jazzed when I got to watch and assist another of the WCC staff feed a couple of their bats! She showed me how they need to be held to feed, how to feed them, their habitats at the center, and some of the materials that I will need to have at my house once I’m a sub-permittee.

This week we had lots of animals including:

  • ducklings
  • vulture chicks
  • bats
  • squirrels
  • baby chipmunks
  • baby bunnies
  • snapping turtle
  • geese
  • baby opossums
  • baby birds

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